After Hours Karol XVII, MB Valence, Trinity, Beyond, The Timewriter, Scope, Murat Kilic, Shades Of Gray, Alland Byallo, Deep Bros, The Deadly Ones, David Garcet, K. Hocini, Sarp Yilmaz, Eric Volta, Pablo Fierro, Luciano Nieto, DJ Schwa
  • Release Date 31 Jan 2011
  • Catalogue BEEFCD004
Hipopotam (Original Mix)
Near & Far (Pezzner remix)
Silkimono (Original Mix)
Feel It (Original Mix)
Safety Ghetto (Original Mix)
Midnight Lover feat. Beckford (Original Mix)
Sink and Swim (Original Mix)
High On Music (Original Mix)
La musique do bresil (Original Mix)
Hallow (Original Mix)
End Of Days (Original Mix)
When She Was a young girl (Original Mix)
Another Perspective (Original Mix)
Salamera (Original Mix)
After Hours mixed by Dj Schwa (mixed by Schwa) ©  Cookies Policy

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