Brown Acid EP Erik Ellmann
  • Release Date 11 May 2015
  • Catalogue BEEF073
Erik Ellmann - Buck Up
Erik Ellmann - Brown Acid
Erik Ellmann - Brown Acid [Mobile Soul System remix]
  • Maximiljan Moon Harbour
    Sweet Tracks, Brown Acid Original is my fav here! thx
  • Simon Caldwell FBI Radio
    Really nice deep release. Brown Acid is a winner and Buck Up is a nice funky track.
  • jamie
    Brown acid original for me, very nice thank you!
  • Murray Richardson 20:20 Vision
    nice release, really like the MSS remix of Brown Acid
  • YokoO Musik Gewinnt Freunde / All Day I Dream
    Brown Acid!!! LOVVVVE both mixes.
  • Moodymanc Exploited / Exploited / Neurotraxx / 2020Vision
    liking buck up thanks
  • Doogie dubiks
    On promo chart
  • sergio
    Nice Ep. Full support from Monkey Brothers
  • Luke Bowditch
    Buck Up for me. Cheers.
  • Dr. Motte PRAXXIZ records
    excellent release! Downloading for Dr. Motte, thanks

    /// plz send wavs to play in sets
  • Alexander Lucid Flow
    Mobile Soul System remix goes to playlist. Deep and trippy
  • Ans
    sweet ep, thanks
  • lefreak
    Jens Poenitsch / Poenitsch & Jakopic / Disco Art. ( Tipper DCC )

    Great tracks - modern and old school at the same time. Beautiful, soulful, artful, still functional.
  • sezer.uysal
    Mobile Soul System remix is for me, thanks !
  • Lorenz
    Both originals are nice, great vibes!
  • schwa BEEF
    Wicked release!
  • Leigh Morgan
    Pretty solid stuff here, I think the Originals works best to my ears, will try them
  • Alex Rath Suena Hermosa,Catenaccio,Safari Electronique
    pretty good tracks ! mobile soul system remix is my fave. will play for sure. thx.
  • Fact FACT
    Will try it out. Thanks
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Brown Acid is good early evening track
  • Paco Osuna
    Will try thanks ;)
  • ike.levi
    Likin the mobile soul remix, thanks
  • tobiaskoch.nightflight
    nive one!
    very good release. will play on west radio. thanks
  • Dan Walterstein Radio 1
    Really nice deep house tunes!
  • Arjun Vagale ODD, Tronic, Octopus
    dope tracks!
  • Richie - UM
    Brown Acid sounding my bag. Nice lazy groove with a splash of cool
  • Outstrip Outstrip Wax, Dogmatik
    like it !!! support
  • uwtj
    Wow! Fantastic release here. Both originals will be getting plenty of play from me. Full support!

    Vinyl Department
    Milwaukee, WI
  • sami.wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    Thanks for the music, i support it!
  • Arturo leal
    Thanks beef records for music
    as always excellent
  • Mike Montano Detone
    Original has a great essence, Mobile Soul did a good work too, thanx
  • Roman Rai
    Hi Beef ! Good package here but ill play Brown Acid Mobile System remix for sure !
  • KIRBY Nordic Trax / Kolour / Darkroom Dubs / Elevation
    Nice one ! Great release. Thanks !!
  • Sola
    BUCK UP is so good!!
  • vazik
    mobile soul remix for me, thanks
  • Alex ElVíl BeatLounge Records
    Gran EP! Very Nice Release! Thanks for sharing
  • Phonatics & Date Night Producer @ Phonatics & Date Night
    This is hot, will definitely be supporting.
  • Lorna Clarkson Down Low Disco
    They will all get a work out on my show but Brown Acid is probably my fave for the dancefloor. Always quality guys!
  • Miguel Migs
    "buck up" has a nice groove thanks...
  • Evgeny Roof Animals
    Both of the originals are rocking! thanks!
  • Chris Udoh
    Lovely deepness on Brown Acid original !
  • Jamie Stevens microCastle / Bedrock / Chameleon
    Original Brown Acid is awesome as is the trippy MSS remix! Great stuff :)
  • javiervarez
    Tracks for me, I will play it on Alma Dreams Radio Show. Thanks!
  • djkadabra
    Buck Up is nice. Totally up my alley.
  • Dj T
    thank you for the music!
  • Mike Corner Point1 / Dirty Corner Recordings / Radio Wave
    Mobile Soul System remix for me, please. Like that vibe! A must have for my more housey site sets.
  • Nathan G Luvbug Recordings / Large Music / Liebe*Detail
    Mighty Good! Buck Up & Brown Acid Originals def hit the spot! Thx
  • Alex -
    mobile sol system remix for me!
  • Murat Uncuoglu
    thk you . Brown acid original for me.
  • Joel Armstrong Moosefly / Connaisseur Rec / SOSO
    this is great, thannks.
  • James Petrou Trojan House Records/ Beef Records
    Grooooooves! All cool mixes. Thanks!
  • pimvanhorssen
  • kyodai Exploited
    Brown Acid is super !
  • steve parry Selador, SMP3 Music Promo, Bedrock, Luna, Frisky Radio
    liking remix, deep and cool! cheers
  • Dam Paul Unusual Suspects Ibiza
    super deep house
  • Nori posivision, clubberia,, Wax Poetics Japan
    feel gooood!
  • homero
    serious deep vibes here. Lovin' this whole EP. Strong tracks. Thanks gents!
  • Merlyn Martin Subdivisions Global Radio Show
    Buck Up for me - thx!
  • oviejanegra Wavetech Music
  • dj.braun Nightphunk
    Nice Ep, all tracks are moody, MSS remix is my favourite.
  • Martin Landsky
    very very nice classy deep house.... dig it !!
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Very nice tracks. Thanks for the Music!
  • riccicomoto Lucidflow / Ibiza Global Radio
    nice deep stuff...will play in my radioshow and during my session...thanx for sending...!
  • onionz
    Mobile Soul System Remix is nice. Thanks for sending
  • Calin Tunnel FM
    Dope sounds here guys
  • claudia
    groovy summermusic
  • couch
    Nothing but good music here!
  • couch
    Nothing but good music here!
  • BLACKSOUL Blacksoul Music / PEZNT / Bears & HONEY
    Pure GEM! will support both on my gigs and in my MUSIC MATTERS radio show.
  • The Freaks Radio Show | Greece
    Excellent deepnes at all guys. Buck up is my favorite one but also the other two tracks are really great. Full support by the Freaks Radio Show here in Greece.
  • Pena Flow
    some cool deep house vibes here
  • Jason Hodges
    Brown Acid OG is the cut!
  • dj.trinity
    Really lovely EP. Will Play. Buck Up is my favourite track.
  • kirinrider
    I love the Brown Acid remix by Mobile Soul System!
  • Ark
    deepness !
  • Easy notes ZenFm - Casafondaradio
    Buck up is a must have for your sets, absolutely love the vibe!
    Great laidback atmos on Brown Acid!
  • jevne
    Buck up! great house vibes!!!! wow and Brown Acid!
  • dan.baartz
    Brown acid has that wicked deep warm up groove. Thanks!
  • Alvaro Marquez Istinto Records (Italy)
    Nice EP, fresh vibes. Originals are dope, thanks. Full support!
  • Shur-i-kan
    Strong release!
  • Lucas Hulan Nightphunk
    Mobile Soul System Remix is for me! Wicked! Thanks
  • Josef Sedlon Radio 1 Prague
    cool package, deep bliss, will support
  • Ander B Robsoul

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