Outta Space Ander B
  • Release Date 06 Jun 2016
  • Catalogue BEEFEP014
A1 Ander B - Outta Space
A2 Ander B - Monster K
A3 Ander B - A Dedication
B1 Ander B - Basement Bass
B2 Ander B - A Dedication (Dj Linus remix)
  • Martin Haberland MIE
    Basement Bass for me!!!!
    Thank you.
  • schwa BEEF
  • Delano Smith
    great EP!
  • Delano Smith
    Great EP!
  • Delano Smith
    Great EP!
  • Maximiljan Moon Harbour, Mobilee
    DEDICATION! killlleeer! will be charted! cool and versatile ep.
    Basement Bass is also super useful...10/10 for this release,thx
  • Mike Corner Point1 / Dirty Corner Recordings / Radio Wave
    The Whole EP is great. But I am flying far away with the DJ Linus remix especially! Thank you, Beefs!
  • Mobile Soul System
    'Outta Space for me. Full support!' thanx!
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Great ep, love all tracks DJ Linus Rmx especially!!
    Thank you guys!
  • Chris Fortier Fade Records
    sounds good
  • Arjun Vagale ODD, Tronic, Octopus
    excellent originals, but that remix is FUNKKKY!!
  • uwtj
    Monster K and Basement Bass are gems. Full support!
  • Tvyks
    monster k is dope
  • Lucas Hulan Mikro
    Outta Space is pure hypno timebomb!! ThankYou
  • KIRBY Nordic Trax / Kolour / Darkroom Dubs / Elevation
    Thanks ! basement bass sounds cool.
  • NUTRITIOUS SpinSpinNYC / Magnetic Magazine
    You can hear the love in this EP. Goin in on Monster K & diggin the whole thing. Will support. Thanks!
  • tobiaskoch.nightflight
    "monster k"... thnks.
  • riccicomoto Lucidflow / Ibiza Global Radio
    thanx for sending...nice soundz, nice EP...needs a deeper listen...fav for now basement bass...will play some in my radioshow...
  • James Petrou Trojan House Records / Beef
    Nice variety here. Outta Space is heavy! Thanks
  • Oli_N Little Beat Different / Phonica Records
    Monster K works -> Approved last last weekend on the dancefloor!
  • dmitrij.malysev
    Dedication is alright, same as the remix.
  • Arturo leal
    downloading =) thanks
  • Lorna Clarkson Down Low Disco
  • Lars Deeper Shades
    Sounds good!
  • heikki
  • PIEK Sincopat
    Basement Bass and Outta Space for me.
  • Alex ElVíl BeatLounge Records
    Cool release! Great Tracks! Thanks for sharing.
  • Summer (Brendon Collins) Tulipa Recordings
    Very good
  • djkadabra
    About as solid of a release as you can get.
  • Evren Ulusoy Toolroom
    A dedication and basement bass for me. Thanks!
  • Logan Baker Shipwrecked Festival NZ
    A dedication and Basement Bass are the ones for me . Thank you :)
  • MiLo
    good stuff =)
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Nice. Thanks for the Music!
  • Easy notes ZenFm - Casafondaradio
    Basement bass & A Dedication (DJ Linus Remix)!!
  • feelshivers
    JAMS !
  • Doogie dubiks
    A little bit of eveything
  • planeteastmusic
    Very nice!
  • planeteastmusic
    Very nice!
  • JC Ibiza Global Radio
    B2 and A1 for me. Thanks for sending this through.
  • Djuma Soundsystem
    Outta space + Monster K for me! Thanks! Cool E.P.! <3
  • Josef Sedlon Radio 1
    cool vibe, I like the most DJ Linus rmx
  • Nuno (SEA)
    Basement Bass for me!! Solid EP!
  • Lt.Dan Freaktion / DonnersDucks
    Monster K & A Dedication work well for me - Thank you, will play :)
  • Paco Osuna
    Will try thanks ;)
  • patfontes Prisoner of Love - Proper Slap
    Monster K / Outta Space are bombs !
  • linda Datagroove
    cool groove in "outta space", will try:) thx
  • Roberto Rodriguez Plastic City / Suara
    Basement Bass!!!! Hot daymn.
  • kyodai Exploited
    is great !!
  • Dan Walterstein Radio 1
    Cool tracks!
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Nice release, DJ Linus remix for me
  • Chris Udoh
    Excellent work !!
  • Nathan G Luvbug Recordings / Large Music / Liebe*Detail
    Great EP all round! Will support ! Thx
  • Alvaro Marquez Istinto Records (Italy)
    Nice EP, DJ Linus Remix for me!
  • Alex - Muno.pl
    What an EP! Thank you!
  • vazik
    Basement Bass for me, thanks !
  • ekkohaus
    Cool release, thanks.
  • Joel Armstrong Moosefly / Connaisseur Rec / SOSO
    yes! basement bass is top. whole ep is epic. thanks.
  • tim
    well produced retro sounding ep .. will try the detroity dedication one .. thanx a bunch ..didier dlb
  • Mozaic As You Like It (San Francisco)
    Nice one. Esp 'Basement Bass'
  • Catz'nDogz
    amazing release!
  • JC Ibiza Global Radio
    dedication for me. Thanks for sending this through.
  • Dam Paul Unusual Suspects Ibiza
  • Dam Paul Unusual Suspects Ibiza
  • Tito White
    Basement Bass for me !
  • djthomaswhite Natural Rhythm
    Basement Bass and Monster K are super fresh! Thanks, DJTW
  • Oli_N Little Beat Different / Phonica Records
    Nice ep!
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