Tipico Latino (12" album sampler) BUSZ™ (Pier Bucci & Oskar Szafraniec)
  • Release Date 15 May 2017
  • Catalogue BEEFEP016ltd
A - BUSZ™ - Tipico Latino
B - BUSZ™ - Tipico Latino (El_Txef_A remix)
  • Martin Haberland MIE
    El Thex A Remix! Super hypno acid. Original sa mi lúbi tiež :) Díky za promo
  • Chris Greenwood Global Glitch
    Gracias amigos, very nice, deep and trippy; will play on the Mi Soul show for sure
  • Richie - UM
    Not for me sorry
  • Paco Osuna
    Will try thanks ;)
  • Arjun Vagale ODD, Tronic, Octopus
    original is so dope!
  • Da Moon
    Thanx guyz. Nice EP. My fav is EL_TXEF_A REMIX. I´ll play it.
  • Roberto Rodriguez Plastic City / Suara
    Hypnotic stuff! Love it. Especially El_Txef_A's acid take.
  • Lars Deeper Shades
    Nice work
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Nice trip. I like the remix.
  • coss metanoia
    loving both versions! will def play out!! thanks for sharing
  • javiervarez
    Both versions are great, congrats guys, I will support them!
  • Mila Stern Station Endlos
    Thanks a lot for the promo! I guess I will play both versions depending on the situation :)
  • Name Does Not Matter Side
  • Nori posivision, clubberia, bnana.jp, Wax Poetics Japan
  • Dr. Motte PRAXXIZ records
    Excellent Trippy Acid. We like the El_Txef_A Remix very much. Download for Dr. Motte, thanks. (Send wavs to play, thanks)
  • Alex Rath Suena Hermosa,Catenaccio,Safari Electronique
    very nice remix! will def. play it. thx
  • Easy notes ZenFm - Casafondaradio
    One word for this EP:
  • Alex ElVíl BeatLounge Records
    Great Release! Nice remix! Thanks for sharing.
  • Evren Ulusoy Toolroom
    original for me. thx!
  • Marcin Skretkowski Radio Poland
    Definitely for the show. I love both tracks.
  • djkadabra
    Definitely put both in my listening/radio folder
  • acidpauli
  • maurizioclemente
    NIce and groovy ;) thanks for promo
  • Skylax Skylax records
    the original kills it. will play. thx
  • schwa BEEF
    Killer stuff
  • Lorna Clarkson Down Low Disco
    smooth and deep
  • Mozaic As You Like It (San Francisco)
    Nice, heady groove
  • Lucas Hulan Mikro
    EL_TXEF_A Remix!
  • Kirill Astra Tamdem
  • NUTRITIOUS SpinSpinNYC / Magnetic Magazine
    Nice. Really dig that remix.
  • Marcin Skretkowski Radio Poland
  • BLACKSOUL Blacksoul Music / PEZNT / Bears & HONEY
    El Txef remix is cool
  • Mike Corner Point1 / Dirty Corner Recordings / Radio Wave
    Thank you, enjoying the acid on the b-side.
  • Nori posivision, clubberia, bnana.jp, Wax Poetics Japan
  • Bob
    Beautiful stuff. Always interested in anything that Piers Bucci puts his sonic stamp on and the El_Txef_A mix is great as well (love the "acid" touches on their mix)
  • vazik
    nice release, both mixes are special
  • Pion Belgrade
  • PIEK Sincopat
    I'm really feeling both tracks.
  • Josef Sedlon Radio 1
    deeper hypno stuff, thankx
  • Pavel Bidlo
    Diky za original. At se dari :)
  • pezzner
    Classically great and serious stuff. Love the El_Txef_A remix, mixes in some grandiose colors!
  • Max Schmitt Ancient Future Now
    Dope one!!
  • Doogie dubiks
    I will check
  • Doogie dubiks
    I will check,thanx
  • Djuma Soundsystem
    The org for me! Cool track! Thanks! <3
  • Marcin Skretkowski Radio Poland
  • couch
    A side is sassy as bro! B side just bent me and twisted me inside out woohoo
  • Herzel Hivern Discs, Biologic, Charlois
    love the remix!
  • Mark Dynamix
    This is cool. Downloading for Mark Dynamix. Cheers!
  • Mobile Soul System
    excellent release ! thank you !
  • Tito White
    Cool EP
  • Lt.Dan Freaktion / DonnersDucks
    Thanks for the tip Beef!

    Love the vibe, will play the EL TXEF remix on those special moments

    Keep them coming

  • Luke Bowditch
    Late night epic..
  • Arturo leal
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Alvaro Marquez Istinto Records (Italy)
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